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These pages are intended to chronicle some of the superhero based RPGs that we do as well as showcase some art that is inspired by those games. We currently use the DC Univerve RPG rules from West End Games, but that characters and stories from these games have their roots in the older games we played years ago with Marvel Super Heroes rules by TSR. Ah, TSR, we miss you. Anyways, the plot of these stories takes place in a flash back / alternate universe from when my New Warlords comics happen. The year is 1985, and a young troupe of heroes have banded together as the Warlords of Justice.

The story started off with a young heroine named Comet, also known as Sarah Currie. She was the daughter and sidekick of the legendary Ms. Fahrenheit, aka Peg Currie. Peg looked young for someone who was supposedly in her sixties. Her longevity power kept her youthful while the years rolled on. Ms. Fahrenheit fought for the Brittish in World War II and was later recruited by the European hero team, the Freedom Five.

Sarah, ever the sidekick, was allowed to sit in on Freedom Five briefings and even go on missions. She had ambitions of joining the team one day herself. Hope of that came when one of the Freedom Five's members retired. Instead of choosing Sarah, the Freedom Five went for another hero - a teenaged girl from France who was a powerful empath and could weild red light like a weapon.

Hurt and furious, Sarah decided to quit the duo with her mother and head out into the world on her own. Since the Freedom Five was primarily focused in Europe, Sarah went to America to find her future as a hero in Patriot City, Massachusettes. Here she met an established hero named Colony, aka Rick Harrington. The two formed a partnership and worked together to fight threats to the city.