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"I'm too much!"

12/26/2008 - Snow Miser - Heat Miser

Christmas times! This is from "Year Without a Santa Clause", my favorite of all those stop action movies from way back in the day.

"Boil 'em, Mash 'em, Stick 'em in a stew!"

12/19/2008 - Mashed Taters - Flash

Lord of the Rings style. Here Samwise explains how potatoes are good eatin'. Gollum may not understand but perhaps he might try some.

"She's a human!"

12/12/2008 - Britney Fan Crying

An oldie but a goodie. Not safe for work, of course. I love how he's recorded this under a blanket so that he can get some privacy while his mom is home. I picture him screaming into his camera about Britney while his father sits within earshot in the living room pretending not to hear and dying a little inside.

Yappappa Yappappa!

12/05/2008 - Ranma 1/2 Opening

Okay, unless you know the Ranma 1/2 anime series, this opening won't do much for you. But this is a great series with a lot of laughs and a little drama thrown in. Anyone who knows me may have had me expose them to this series already. I don't get into too much anime, but this is one of my favorites.

"mmm.. nice and warm."

11/21/2008 - Will It Blend? - Thanksgiving Dinner

There are A LOT of Will It Blend? features out there. But I thought, since its Thanksgiving, I should serve up a nice recipe for a delicious Thanksgiving dinner. Blended.

"I make drawing fun!"

11/21/2008 - dragon homestarrunner strong bad trogdor homestar is a grat site. But what makes it awesome are the strong bad emails. This one is one of my favorites. Trogdor the Dragon. You can never see this too many times. This one "sbemail" on the site has spawned Trogdor video games, cameo references in other sbemals, and other cartoons. Witness his magesty!

"Africans are not required to fill in their species."

11/14/2008 - Gorilla Librarian

This is a bit of an obscure Monty Python skit. A gorilla applies for a librarian's job. Classic silliness.

"How many sides does a triangle have?"

11/07/2008 - Americans are NOT stupid - WITH SUBTITLES

This is frightening. So very frightening. Pay close attention to the map the interviewer has when he asks people where we should invade next.

10/31/2008 - HOLLENTHON - Son of Perdition

This video is weird.. not sure what's up with the dancing. But Hollenthon rocks and they are also from the netherlands. Sweden maybe? Yet another band off the Nuclear Blast label. Check them out.  


10/24/2008 - Mercyful Fate - Egypt

King Diamond! Come on, we have Sweden, Finland.. do you think I'd forget Denmark? Never! Evil never sounded so good! 


10/17/2008 - Nightwish - end of all hope

Nightwish is Finland's number one band. They have a new singer, and this particular song is with their previous singer, Tarja. Makes me want to go to Finland.  


10/10/2008 - THERION - Wine of Aluqah (Live at Wacken 2001)

Not since ABBA has rock stormed from Sweden so forcefully. Er.. wait.. okay, well in any case. Give these guys a listen.  


10/03/2008 - Queen Adreena - Medicine Jar

There is no sound like Queen Adreena out there today. I was really into Daisy Chainsaw in the early 90's. When they broke up, some of the members formed this band. Specifically, their lead singer - Katie Jane. Katie. Jane. 


"respecti le donne... and shut your mouth pussycat!"

09/26/2008 - Italian Spiderman

Oh yea, this is the real deal. Don't worry if you don't speak Italian - you'll get it. He's great with the ladies and he smokes and he's awesome. And its so awesomely 70s. This is just the trailer. Check out YouTube for the episodes!

"Are these the missiles you were talking about, Lex?"

09/19/2008 - How Superman Should Have Ended

The very first superman movie: the Christopher Reeves one. Consider Superman's powers.. fast enough to fly around the earth and reverse time but not fast enough to stop two missiles? Eh? 

"You had the power to go home all along!"

09/12/2008 - MadTV - Wizard of Oz (Alternate Ending)

They make a pretty good point. I mean if all Dorothy had to do was click her heels three times to go home, then wouldn't she at least ask the question "WTF?!" Hey, I'm just saying.

Animal rules.

09/05/2008 - Harry Bellafonte & Animal Drum Solo

Few things you will ever see in your life are more awesome than this. Further proof that Animal is actually not a muppet, but a living creature from the planet Favwa. No puppet, no matter how sophisticated, can play the drums so awesome. Someday I will travel to the planet Favwa. With a cooler filled with beer.

"What an.. odd looking.. figureine"

08/29/2008 - DOOM HOUSE

Beware! This video is not for the faint of heart or bowel! This creepy masterpiece was cooked up by the folks over at Some of the best acting I've seen in a long time. Its awesome. It rules. You need this.

"Our version of  a party song."

08/15/2008 - Complete: Hoogie Boogie Land

This could be the greatest rock and roll / metal / fusion band ever. They even have a MySpace page! Check them out!

"I made this half monkey half poney monster to please you"

08/08/2008 - Skullcrusher Mountain

This is a music video about an evil genius in love. The video was created in the game World of Warcraft by the folks over at spiffworld. The song has nothing to do with World of Warcraft, but the video matches the song and it is hilarious. Jonathan Coulton is the singer/songwriter behind this song and he's got a lot of other funny stuff on youtube.

"Shut up, Blur!"

08/01/2008 - The Rude Awakening of Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime is brought back to life in the year 2006 to find that many things have changed since his death. Transformers Mashup video. NSFW! Strong Language in this vid. Viewer discretion is advised! (more)

"Mac kills my inner child."

07/25/2008 - Macs Suck

The PC and Windows industry won't fire back at all the mudslinging PC bashing that Apple has been doing for years. But we know the truth. I still remember having to physically open up Mac "Power-PCs", taking out the drive, and shaking it to unstick the hard disk so it could spin again. Yea. Awesome.


07/18/2008 - First Question Wrong on Who Wants to be a Millionaire

The title says it all. The scary part is, this isn't the only Millionaire contestant on youtube that has gotten the first question wrong.


"Wookie Wookie in the kitchen"

07/11/2008 - Wookie Wookie

Apparently, this is not related to Star Wars. But I was horribly, tragically wrong. First I was disappointed. Then I was intrigued. Then I was confused. And now I don't know where I am anymore and I think I want a cheese sandwich.


"I'm a monster! RAWR!"

07/04/2008 - D&D 4th Edition: Tiefling & the Gnome

When the new edition of Dungeons and Dragons came out, they did a few cartoons for publicity. They are hilarious. Even if you don't "get" or play D&D, you don't need to in order to get it or find it funny. Good stuff.

"COMScan has detected an energy field..."

06/27/2008 - Darth Vader Being a Jerk

Clipped together from a scene out of Empire Strikes Back. Its only about 45 seconds, but its really funny. Darth Vader messes with one of his Generals.


"I eats me spinach."

06/20/2008 - Popeye's first Episode

A Betty Boop cartoon? Who knew the two were affiliated? This has got to be from the late 1930s. Classic stuff. I don't want to give away the ending, but there is spinach involved.

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