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Got a YouTube video you think would make a good YOTW? Email me.


Queen Adreena

How can I even describe Queen Adreena? I can't. They are heavy.. that's true. But I wouldn't call them heavy metal. Between the power bass riffs and Katie Jane's unique singing style, Queen Adreena is Queen Adreena and there is no other way to describe it. Incidentally, Katie used to front Daisy Chainsaw back around the mid to late 90's. I have a video of Queen Adreena posted in my You Tube of the Week archives, under the ROCKTOBER section.


Three hot Urkrainian girls make up this pop / dance sensation. They are pretty big in Urkaine and while we were over there, they were played a lot on the radio. I picked up their CD "SMS Format" while I was over there and picked up their follow up "TELO" (which means "body") a year later. I use SMS's song "Lubyj Kohay Mene" for my Zack Attack movie under Zack's Drive In. You can watch their videos on their site.

Tenacious D

The greatest rock and roll band in the world. Tenacious D is Jack Black and Kyle Gass. They rock. They are awesome. And the rule. Their web page is really fun too, hit the link above and enter the site past the landing page and I think you'll find that the animated menu and other sequences are great. Their site also contains a lot of exclusive videos. Remember - its not the Rolling Stones, its not Nirvana, its not Metallica, and its not Led Zepplin - It's Tenacious D.

Yoshida Brothers

Two brothers from Japan that have mastered the three stringed Shamisen. They mix traditional Japanese stylings with modern rock and jazz. They can somehow make it work, too. Be sure to check them out on YouTube too. They jam like madmen!


Humor Sites

Everybody! Everybody!

Homestar Runner

I can't describe this site to you to do it justice. Suffice it to say, it is a site full of hilarious flash-created cartoons. My advice to you is to drop what you are doing RIGHT NOW and go there. Check out the toon section, or better yet - check out the strong bad email section at the bottom, scroll down the very first one, and work your way up.


The Internet Makes you Stupid

Something Awful

Something Awful is a humor site with daily articles and weekly features. Be sure to check out Photoshop Phriday and the pranks. New content is added every day.


Fun Stuff

Pink Five

Follow the adventures of Stacy (Pink Five) who starts her carreer off as a rebel pilot, then Jedi, then.. um.. new hope for the alliance? These are Star Wars fan films that tie in around the events that take place during the original Star Wars trilogy. These films have won a few Lucas Fan Film awards and is the only fan film to be featured in the Star Wars Vault memoribalia book.


How Many Five Year Olds...

The URL says it all. This site answers the question everyone wants to know. If you had to - absolutely had to - fight an army of five year olds, how many could you take on before their tiny fists pelted you mercilously into the ground? You know you want to know.


My Deviant Art Page

"Fun Stuff"? You be the judge. I just needed a place to put a link to my Deviant Art page. What is Deviant Art? It is a web community of artists who post and share their artwork with other artists. Swing by and check out some of my stuff. Leave comments if you like - but please, only lavish praises of admiration. :P

Web Comics

Order of the Stick

Order of the Stick is based on Dungeons and Dragons - sort of. It pokes fun at the rules and its pretty funny and actually has some good stories. If you've ever played D&D, then you'll get this humor. If you haven't, then you'll get this humor - minus the occasional D&D jokes. You can see by the fact that I only have four links under "Web Comics" that I don't much get into most of them. But there is a reason why this one is among the four that I do.


Looking For Group

Looking for Group is loosely based off of the World of Warcraft setting. The plot is decent, but the key thing here is that its very funny. It's irreverant and I like that. You gotta love Richard in this, you just gotta. Like other web comics, even if aren't familiar with the setting (in this case World of Warcraft), you still get the jokes. Its pretty much about this Elven guy named Cale who is on a righteous mission, but his compatriots tend to be on the darker side, and the moral clash is where the humor ensues. Bah.. I can't do it justice, just give it a look, will ya?



Goblins is a comic that sort of has its roots in D&D, but as episodes progress, has become more of a generic "fantasy setting goblin" than an RPG spoof. The whole premise of the comic is that the story is with goblins as the main characters. You get to see what happens when big bad adventurers come along to kill them just because they are goblins. The author depicts them as pretty much "good" creatuers assumed evil by humans and such, and it makes for a good story. Its also funny, but as the episodes progress, it becomes more story-centric.


User Friendly

User Friendly is the only webcomic listed here that is not fantasy based. This one's humor revolves around the Information Technology world. I'll be honest, if you're not in IT, you won't get some of the humor, but I do think there is a fair share of general office humor that anyone can find funny. For all you IT folks out there, if you haven't checked User Friendly, I can't recommend it enough. This is really what our job is like half the time. This site has been up for years (1997 to be precise) and there are tons of comics.