CAT Commands


Cat commands go right to memory, there is no “write mem”

Configured by “set” commands

In Cat, interfaces are referred to as ports.

            sho port status

            sho port counters

q to quit out of a –more-

sho port 3/10



set vlan 76 3/10

Where 76 is the VLAN number and 3/10 is the mod/port

            Adding a VLAN to a trunk:

Lets say you want to add VLAN 80 to the trunk on 1/1 (mod/port)

First you clear the updated list of unwanted VLANs from the existing list, then you add the new VLAN into the desired VLANs

clear trunk 1/1  1-74,81-600,602-1005

set trunk 1/1  desirable dot1q 75-80,601,1025-4094


set port speed 3/10 100

set port duplex 3/10 full